User Interface

My Custom interface changes whenever I open other peoples files. is there any option to restrict that?

Yes. When you have the splash screen and click on open you can activate a side bar in the browser. Activated with n or click on the little arrow. You now just need to deactivate load ui.


Thank you Very Much, can we make this a default / permanent setting?

Thats up to the blender devs. Its preference and sometimes its nice to load the ui but in general its not.

I dont think its possible to save it as default but could be if you go into the pref and save this as the new.

Thanks for your quick response

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A lot of ‘defaults’, maybe ‘user defaults’ is a better phrase, such as WHICH flags are visible in the Outliner, are saved in the Startup.blend. So, try configuring this setting as you like, save a new Startup.blend, Exit and Re-launch, and see if it ‘stuck’.

It seems to be the solution…