User name change

Please change my usr name from RCC to BlenderManiac :slight_smile:
“Fweeb” Thanks for reply… I just write to you, but when i pushed button for send it throw me to log in screen… :smiley:
So i do this your way :slight_smile:
With Kind Regards - BM

RCC to BM if available

Not sure I would want my username to be BM… Just saying…

RCC > BM… done!

Hi BowelMovement!

yeah, thats what BM usually stands for :slight_smile:

Please don’t be juvenile. Those two letters together aren’t limited to just that abbreviation.

*Fweeb Thanks
*place57, Humbleroller - to late :wink: I’m not native english and never meet what BM usually stands for :smiley: but thanks, that ‘BowelMovement’ will stay in my mind :slight_smile:

P.S. Happy Blending… Weird is what ‘Blender’ usually means, for my dictionary is always Free 3d software… :slight_smile: