User or pro graphic card?

I’m going to buy a new pc and the only question that I have is the graphic card.
In a render, which is the influence of the graphic card?
Two cards with more or less the same price, for example, quadro fx 560 and geforce 7900GT, which have the best performance?
Are really better the pro quadro fx cards than geforce?
And vice versa, are good enough the quadro fx cars with games?
I have not found any comparative about that.

Well, if you’re gonna run blender with it, 7900GT is the choice. Quadros and the other pro cards only provide their better features in programs that have customized features for them, like some cad programs or high end 3d apps, as far as I know. I would definetly go for a 7900GT.

Graphics cards have absolutely no effect on render times.

get the User GFX card.

If you own Maya, or AutoCAD then get the Quadro.


Thanks, I guess Blender will not adjust its code to Quadro cards soon (or never)
With a simple good card it may be enough.
Conclusion, more processor and less graphic card (better both, but no more money) :slight_smile: