User perspective viewport is all jumbled up, the ortho view is fine

Hi blender community!

I am having problems with the viewport of my blender file. It seems to be limited only to my current project and it does not seem to be object related. When I try to view the model in user perspective mode, the grid and the model are completely messed up as show in the picture attached to the post. When in ortho view, everything seems to be fine. I tried to find another thread on the internet about this, but it doesn’t seem to exist.

Also, when I create a new blender file with the standard cube and everything, the user perspective functions as it should.

Thanks in advance!

You have set the viewport lens to be 1mm, extreme wide angle. the default is 35mm


Richard, you are my hero! Thank you very much!. Seems odd as I can’t remember changing that value. Might have been accidental.