User Pref options removed or just changed?

Having just installed the new Blender (not to sure about the Interface, still prefer old Blender 2.4 interface) regardless, I am having this issue:

I’m trying to find three options that I use quite often in my models, mainly the snap to grid options, Rotate, Scale and Move. Where they removed, renamed, or just had their locations changed? I look under Interface and editing, along with Input.

Well the options are definately THERE. There are options for every single keystroke AFAIK and if I where you I would be looking under

Input > 3D view > 3D view (global)

I know that Snap type is under Input> 3D view > 3D view (global) and I think that Scale and rotate are aswell.

You have to “enable” snap - “magnet icon”; default setting is “increment” (to grid) but not active.

Under 3D view > Object > Snap; or select icon(s) to change settings.

Thanks you two :slight_smile:

But yea, I found the magnet icon while looking over all of the buttons to see which ones did what and noticed it said ‘snap during transform’

Well, that does make things a lot easier :slight_smile: