User Preference crashes v2.71

I’ve just downloaded v2.71 and brought forward prior projects, etc. from a previous version. Up to now Blender has worked perfectly, but under v2.71 if I attempt to access “User Preferences” the frame is visible but not populated with preferences. I’m on a dual core, 64bit Lenovo Thinkcenter. Might this have anything to do with openGL? Any ideas would be appreciated, Thanks GWW

Are you using Ctrl+Alt+U? Can it be accessed by changing the Editor Type of a window? Clean installed Blender 2.71?

Do you have nay weird characters in your user name?

I am having sort of the same problem. If I go File/User Preferences then Blender just closes. If I Go Ctrl+Alt+U it closes. If I go to the Editor Type/User Prefences next to File I get the same result as Frisketus. Now if I go to any other Editor Type button, say at the bottom or on the right side, then the entire work space for that button opens into the Users Preferences. So I can at least get to them but it would be nice to have just the pop up window rather than forcing my work space to show it.

I was having the same problem with Blender 2.70a and that’s the reason I just uninstalled 2.70a and installed 2.71 a few minutes ago. And why I am here now. lol. I also had a problem in 2.70a where when I used the NumPad 1, 3, and 7 it would go to the correct orientation but also go to ortho mode. That problem is fixed now in 2.71 thank goodness.