User preferences corrupt - cycle

This cycle happens to me all the time:

a) There are certain problems with Blender, I troubleshoot, and at the end I need to start from scratch. This because the conclusion is that the Use Preferences are corrupt or damaged. (Yes trying factory settings, etc).
b) I start to install loads of addons of a span of two weeks, arrange workspaces, and have it even better than before.
c) Untill… I install an addon and it seems that there is an issue somewhere. In short: it’s most likely the userpreferences. So then I start from scratch again.

To prevent this from happen over and over again, is there a solution?
I bet there are solutions, how do you deal with this, or what is your favorite solution ?

What I am going to do now is make a backup of the script and presets folder. Then fresh install Blender and put the backup back. Let’s see.

So, all done after 3 hours, just to find out that problem is caused by one addon.