User Preferences / Input / Keys: What is Tweak?

I’m new to this and struggling with the basic basics like moving objects around! I think I’ve sorted most of it, but there are two things i don’t understand:

  1. Why are there so many lines for things like Rotate? Can I delete some, or do they perform actions in different scenarios? I see there are key options under all of the editing types, but when i changed my Pan options to keyboard arrows under Global, it didn’t change anything.
  2. I understood that ‘Tweak’ was mouse drag, but when i changed rotate to Tweak + MR, and then went back to 3D view, the rotate worked fine, but it didn’t return to normal when i let go of the mouse, or when i clicked ML, or any number of other combinations. I was unable to even move the mouse out of the window and ended up having to do Ctrl + Alt + Del!

I have looked online but can’t find anything that answers this properly, so would really appreciate some guidance!


There’s an additional option under the edting tab in preferences “Release Confirms”, if this is checked, letting go of the mouse button confirms an action, otherwise you still need to press <CR>.
I’d seriously recommend spending a couple of hours just getting familiar with the basic rotate/move/scale options and mouse actions.
I think the 3 lines for rotate view are for using MMB, or using the trackpad, personally, I stick with the MMB on the mouse, click and hold to rotate the view, Ctrl+MMB for zoom and Shift+MMB to pan.