User Preferences - Reset?

Hi, i’m using Blender 2.40 on Ubuntu linux and it’s going great. But one thing that bothers me is that when i decided i messed with the preferences to much like the theme and windows and such i wanted to reset it all…i found no such button, i tryed deleteing the /.blend folder in my home dir but it remained…i even extracted blender into a differant directory and it still used the same prefs…which was odd…and then (lol look at me go) i deleted my /tmp folder and STILL!!! Any suggestions would be great :slight_smile:

Also, when i opened 3.37a my 2.40 preferences were there…this is really bothering me…i dont know where this main file or w/e is, python maybe?

If you just messed with the Theme then turn off “New Theme” or select the “Default” from the menu. If you made changes in the other sections and fixed them with Ctrl-U then find your B.blend file (not the /.blend folder) and delete it. A new one with default settings will be generated on startup.


Thanks man it worked :slight_smile: