user ranks, suggestions?

Hey everyone,

I’ve been thinking about replacing the current ranks with some other ones. Also seeing as some peoples post counts are really climbing to large numbers

The current rank settings are:

0 Forum Newbie
25 Forum Regular
50 Forum Groupie
100 Forum Guru
500 Forum Monkey

Basicly I want to ask you for some suggestions on new ranks. I was thinking of the following post counts.


also each rank could have a small image assigned to it. Anyways, if you’ve got any suggestions for the ranks (or post counts), or perhaps want to make the small images?

Please let me know.


Hey good idea. I like the image thing as well. Myself and theeth have both suggested before that maybe once you reach the 500-1000 level, you could make your own user rank. Could this be possible?

Now when you say image, could we do our own at say 100x100 resolution, or do we have to use one that is pre-made for us and select one?


Set it up so most people are regular, with <25 newbee, top 20% or so Groupie and above.

Do not count posts to off-topic-chat!


Since the image must tell something about the rank the size will be limited to 100x25, on many forums you see something like stars underneath the rank.

I will activate avatars as soon as phpBB releases their new bugfix version 2.0.2 these will be fairly small avatars both dimension wise as filesize wise. I was indeed thinking of something like 80x80, or perhaps 100x75, in any case something fairly small.
And yes I will add a option for everyone on a 56k modem to disable the displaying of these avatars.

Asfar as the ranks goes I can’t (well not unless I have to code it myself) let people set their own ranks after this many posts. I also don’t think that is something I would like.
Special ranks may be assigned to people who don’t post very often, but still earn alot of respect (like ton is a Blender Guru).

I won’t make any seperation between the off-topic forum and the other forums. Because I think that anyone who posts in the off-topic forum supports the community just as much as someone who only posts in the elysiun chat forum. (also this would be fairly ugly to program).

While ton is THE ‘Blender Guru’ there are some here that have a great deal of knowledge about Blender, the former NaN coders that have joined the effort, eeshlo, theeth… and over time those that contribute code and make other significant contributions to the project could be ‘Blender Disciples’

Here are some suggestions for the current ranks.

Newbie: A sticker with “NEW!” on it.
Regular: Three drink cups with the one in the middle highlighted.
Groupie: Ummm… shoot, I have no suggestions!
Guru: An executive chair.
Monkey: This should be quite obvious (hint: Publisher 2.25, mesh menu).

On the new post ranks:

0=Forum Houdini (a puff of smoke)
1000=Forum Couch Potato (a television set) or Forum Genius (a test tube)
2500=Forum Master (a throne)

For Moderators, they should just be “Forum Moderator,” with a list of rules… or maybe a nice lock, since they have that power.

0 BushBaby
25 Lemur
100 Chimp
250 Baboon
500 Orang Utan
1000 Gorilla Gorilla
2500 King Kong

quite a random pick from:

And IngieBee should be the “Forum Angel” :slight_smile:

That, or perhaps the “Forum Mom”. Weird psychoanalytical implications be damned!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

That, or perhaps the “Forum Mom”. Weird psychoanalytical implications be damned!!! :smiley: :smiley: :D[/quote]

That’s what I am, I’ll admit to it, I’m everyone’s Mom! That’s why all those ramblings keep comming out of me. Man, you pinned me down and now I understand myself, LOL!!! (after all I’m surounded by Kids, and they hug and kiss me all the time, and that’s where my mind is always :stuck_out_tongue: … That, and thinking about practicing to make more babys)

errrr…uhum… Be good now, Mommy and Daddy have to go “talk” for a while… go watch TV now…

Hee hee hee, Love MommyBee

PS I love Ton’s monkey setup, that’s cute, and sticks with a theme… if only I knew the “inside joke”???

How about…

0 Ghost
25 Newbie
100 Groupie
250 Brother
500 Guru
1000 Mokey
2500 God
10,000,000 Bapsis



Blend on, and blend well!!!

I don’t think there is one… the phrase ‘code-monkey’ or ‘web-monkey’ is pretty common. I’ve even seen code-monkey on a business card of a Sun engineer. :slight_smile:
I’ve composed the list using the webpage on primates, there was no pun intented!

i like bapsississes suggestions on the names the best =D
i also love the avatar icon idea!
it would be really cool that say we get to 1000 posts, maybe we could make our own picture, which was already suggested =) something to shoot for!

errr… no :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll rephrase the new ones:

0=Forum Houdini (a puff of smoke)
1000=Forum Couch Potato (a TV)
2500=Forum Genius (a test tube)
5000=Forum Master (a throne)
10,000=Some Geek Who Never Leaves The Forum (a watch that doesn’t move despite the background moving–we CAN have animated images, right?)
20,000=You’ll Never Get Here (an escape clause, form TZ “Escape Clause”)
50,000=Forum Locked-In-A-Room-And-Being-Forced-To-Post (a locked door :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :wink: 8) )
100,000=Forum Cloned (multiple spheres, all alike)
250,000=Forum Robot (duh)
500,000=Forum Needs-To-Stop-Drinking-Coffee-So-Much-And-Get-To-Sleep (a bed with a circle with a line through it… or maybe a lock :smiley: :wink: )
1,000,000=Forum Fanatic (2 animated hands pressing so many keys on 17,576 keyboards)
2,000,000=Forum Time Traveler (A time portal)
10,000,000=Forum Psycho (a shower curtain :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: )
100,000,000=Forum Annoyance (me :smiley: )
1,000,000,000=Forum Hacker Team (a bunch of computers with people behind them)
Infinite=Forum Too-Much-Time (a clock)

I still think that moderators should be simply “Forum Moderators,” and should have a boot. After all, they do give some people (SkyWriter) and some threads (Evolution, ???, How to turn $6 into $6,000) THE BOOT!

Oh, and I should be “Forum Psycho” any day now :slight_smile: :smiley: :wink:

I’d like whales, but how about Blenderspecific names:



haunt_house’s suggestion decribes it best, so far.

My contribution


Stupid, I know.

errr… no

pssh, nobody know a good idea when they see it :wink:
cgtalk has something similar i believe, and its really cool to see everyones different 3d icons they made out of one of their pics… =D

Maybe you should read every post.

Anyway, some details in an image can’t be seen at 100x100 or whatever. For example, a picture I made of an amphibicopter (that helicopter-like thing that David uses to get to Manhattan in “AI: Artificial Intelligence”) would be too small to see things like the seats, and the controller things. That’s another reason we shouldn’t have our own images.

Every female Blender users should have special rank… (hint… hint… hint).

I think that there should be “Blender God” for the highest rank. I don’t care how many posts, but it should be highest rank.