User Suggestions for 2.8x

Since the devs are working on the 2.8, maybe we could help them on listing the inconsistancies in blender and make some proposals.

Ton asked for help, so we could in our way try to help, here in first and then make a proposal to the devs.

For example, the tabs, they are not finish, we could make a proposal to finish them, list the needs and find the simple way to have finished tabs.

Since this part is done, we could start another part, but that must be one by one, not 40 task at the same time.

I know that should be done by the UI team and they started to wotk on this, but with all the peoples here and the user experiences we could help them and then have a better blender.

Maybe I’m dreaming, but Why not !

Good idea, pitiwazou. I was wondering if Tabs were going to be used in the N panel as well, so that maybe a little less clutter there visually. Also, some of the things that are not the same across the editors like what was mentioned on twitter about Alt-R being clear rotation in the editors except for in the UV Image editor where the same shortcut returns the painted texture to last saved state and loses the data. This should be returned to Alt-R for the UVs rotation clear and use something else for the image probably.

I’m not as versed here, but I’d like to help if I can.

Yes we should list all of those inconsistancies, that should help the dev team to fix them rapidly.

What do you think guys ?

With all the people here we can make a difference.

^Ton once mentioned there’s a forum for suggestions and proposal to v2.8. Anyone with the link? Is it in the cloud?
Can count me in +1.

But blender does not have an UVs rotation clear. It does not have an UV location clear or UV scale clear too.
Here, it is not an inconsistency. It is a feature request which implies to detail expected behaviour.
What does an UV clear mean?
An UV reset but only for selection. An UVIsland sitcked to down right corner. An UVIsland centered to down right corner.
What does an UV rotation clear mean ? What is the 0° rotation reference ?
Again UVreset for a face, rotation at last UVprojection, etc…

If chances to obtain such a feature are rare, why use of a shortcut should be an inconsistancy ?
There is no parenting allowed in UV Editing but Ctrl P is used to Pack Islands. Is it a shortcut to change, too ?
With such an attitude, there will be no shortcut in UV/Image Editor for UV Unwrapping or Image Editing because all shortcuts are already used in 3DView.

I accept an argument that would say that UV unwrapping shortcuts are conflicting with Image Editing ones and maybe an UV unwrap mode is needed like there is a paint one.
But expecting that specific feature can’t reused an already commonly use one is something that will complicate our life.

The problem when we are just listing things is that we are not debating them.
I think that if a thread is started to list things : each item of list should have its own thread to discuss it.
And when a consensus is found or a thread is dying; somebody has to sum it up, to do a moderation work in order to keep it up-to-date and helpful for devs.

Current way to throw an idea and hope a dev will catch it is not satisfying, too.
When no dev jumps on this occasion; ideas are recovered by other softwares.

Ideally, devs should create a thread. I am free! it is a rainy day! I want to play!
And at this moment, users could throw ideas.

I like this initiative. It’s a good way to help us shaping the project in a way that it will benefit users.

To facilitate this, I set up a proposal page for 2.8 on the wiki: (accessible from the main 2.8 project page). Please don’t abuse it, prove us that you can make it constructive and that something like this can work in future too.

I didn’t talk with other devs about this yet, I just went ahead and set it up because I didn’t see a strong reason against doing it. Will ask them for feedback via the mailing lists.

I accept an argument that would say that UV unwrapping shortcuts are conflicting with Image Editing ones and maybe an UV unwrap mode is needed like there is a paint one.
But expecting that specific feature can’t reused an already commonly use one is something that will complicate our life.

I cannot argue your logic, but I think that my understanding is wrong then. I think that the UV data from unwrap in Edit Mode (View3D) should be stored as it is shown in Properties Editor as a base position of the vertex/edges/faces in the UV Image Editor. Maybe the editor should have an UV mode like View and Paint and Mask, but this too might cause more confusion for those already used to how it works.

If the UV had this temporary base position, then rotating islands/faces around the cursor could be reset, same as in 3d view. Scale from cursor also could be reset to the stored position as in 3d view. My problem here is a personal understanding of why Blender uses the same control shortcuts from translation/scale/rotation everywhere, but here is a case where the reset is not applicable, and is relegated to a Ctrl-Z undo number of steps with no backup if the UV’s get unwrapped in a bad way past the undo steps.

Maybe this is a feature request, and not an inconsistency as I first thought. Edit: and probably not, since UV work happens in the same as Edit mode, and resets only work on Object mode anyway, right?

My head hurts.

Very nice ! thx :wink:

I cannot log me in to make a proposal :frowning:

@pitiwazou, can’t tell you why this happens, maybe mail [email protected].

I think the wiki auto-bans if you try to edit, unless you’re manually activated by someone. Lazy-way of fighting spam I guess. It happened to me a long time ago when trying to edit the Blender Manual.

Awww yiss using the true power of ffmpeg with the encoder panel would be super nice

It would be nice to make Multires not spike up randomly (and Undo doesn’t work with this issue as far as I know).

More brush presets and more curves would be nice to have (which should incorporate custom brushes people came up with for Blender as well as brushes mirroring ZBrush’s brushes).

I second what julperado said :slight_smile: And it would be nice for Vertex Paint to perform better with large polycounts (whether it’s regular mesh, dyntopo mesh or multires mesh).

Also, why not to integrate into Blender ?

Maybe we should start with something simple, fix the inconsistancies, tabs, outliner etc ?

I cannot post since i’m still blocked, but this is my idea to finish the tabs.

We need the possibility to hide parts of the tab, rename those part and move them.
Like that we can manage our tab easily.
I will post this proposal when I will not be blocked, but I think this is not a lot of work and that can be done in a spare time for a dev.

I like the pitiwazou’s proposal, though before of that, it should be made possible to save a configuration as default, otherwise on every new window opened we have to reconfigure it, and it’s a pain. The same should be done on the File Browser for opening, appending, importing etc.


You just have to save the startup file I think. Yes it’s working, even the pin is still there.

nope, in the startup file is not contemplated any new window that you will open, example: try and split the viewport window and change the area to something else, and you’ll have to reorder palettes once more.


It’s working for me.

yeah, because you have simply split a viewport window, try instead to split an Image editor window, for instance, and then change it to a 3d viewport, the tools tabs are to be reordered.

Like this ?

No, in this case you switched back an forth, I mean, starting from a different area window and switching to 3d view all the work that you previously made on setting up tabs is lost.
I have no time now to learn how to save an animated gif like yours, sorry.