Username Update & Avatar Issues

Am I able to have my username changed from AD-Edge to Alex_ADEdge please?

Also having issues with my avatar currently, its not viewable in chrome to me, and Ive had 1 other user report its not coming up for them either. Odd because it comes up in IE/Firefox, just not chrome and I can see everyone else’s avatars well enough. Ive tried different size avatars & difference formats but no dice. The only time an avatar does seem to work is if I select the default generated one.

The avatar Id like to assign:


Cant be on the forums without my old avatar, missing all that nostalgia!

I’m on Chrome and your avatar works fine, the only thing is that it blends in a bit to the dark background.

I’ve updated your username (AD-Edge→Alex_ADEdge). As for your avatar image, I noticed it wasn’t rendering for me either. However, once I updated your username it seems to have started working for me. Please let me know if you continue to have issues seeing it.

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Thanks Fweeb!
I can confirm my avatar its visible for me again. And thanks for the username update :slight_smile:

And thanks for that as well Ace, it is pretty dark but thats how its always been, so ill keep it like that for now.