Using 2.49 files in 2.53... how to reset the interface ?

Hello !

I’m trying to use .blends I made with blender 2.49 in blender 2.53. Problem is: the user interface is arranged like in 2.49 and it’s a shame. Is there a way to reset the interface ?

I tried to create a new .blend with 2.53 and then append all the objects from the old 2.49 .blend. It’s ok for everything except the animations that don’t work anymore. And if I try to append only the actions and then use them, blender crashes :frowning:

Anyone has a solution?

When you use File / Open, in the bottom left of the file browser untick 'Load UI". This can also be set as a permanent setting in the user preferences. This is also the same in blender 2.49 if you want to go the other way.

Thanks Richard Marklew !