Using 2.62 need help making a logo in 3d and realistic


I saw this awesome tutorial on youtube which made it seem so easy ----->

, but turns out I dont have the same version as the youtuber because I can’t find anything! I’m having so much trouble finding anything that can help me regarding the version I have.

I would need help creating a 2d logo realistic… would anyone mind to help/ do it for me and explain how it was done?

I also have 3 colours in the logo and would like them to stay there and be realistic/

He is using v2.4x of blender. First off go to File/Import and choose " Scalable Vector Graphics". Paths are the same thing as vectors, just a different name.

Then open your toolbar (tkey in 3D view) and click on the “Origin” button.

To extrude go to the “Object Data” tab in the propertys window (Right hand side of screen) and in “Geometry” slide the Extrude option. (Bevel option is in same location)

Textures and materials are on different tabs in the property’s window. (Orange and grey circle for materials, checker square for textures)

Steps are the same for the other logo he made.

I’ve done the extrude… but when I try to view what it looks like (using f12)… i see nothing but a rectangle… and its not the logo im working on. loll

and how do you select part of the logo in order to put color to make it look more realistic?
I’ve also tried outputing the image… doesn’t work either :frowning:

In that case there are a mirage of questions to ask for the many possibility’s…

  1. Do you have lighting set up?
    2)Are your materials visible? (Check the preview in materials tab)
    3)Are your objects on the same layer?
    4)Do you have all your objects set to render? (Check the outliner above the propertys window and ensure the camera icon is not shaded)
    5)Is the camera in the correct position?
    6)Are you using nodes?

(Sorry if some of this is too obvious, but it happens on the odd occasion to the best of us)
If I think about it more I could probably add another possibility on a daily basis :stuck_out_tongue:
If these are not the reasons either find something to say that could make troubleshooting easier or upload the .blend. But If you choose you can just reimport the model. And delete the one you currently have (Materials and textures will still remain available unless you save and close the project)

Thats a tougher question, materials can be a bit difficult to explain and there is alot that may have to be done to make it “realistic”, after all the whole project isn’t realistic to begin with. It depends on what you want, is it clear like glass, rough like cement, perhaps reflective like metal? Will it have a special effect with compositing or particles?

At a minimum to get a realistic render with BI I suggest a base material consisting of any color of your choice, and a normal map along with a specular map. There are many tutorials about such things online, so thankfully that part shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.

For selecting parts of your object I would choose to convert the path to a mesh (Alt+C on windows) and either select faces on a model and assign them to a material that way, or use UV mapping to place 2D graphics directly on the object. (Don’t be afraid to ask more about it if you need more help)