Using 32 bit Xp some odd arrangement occured, zip folder, menu, and turn off name


I had the most odd arrangement of events. I tried to create a zip folder and then a window stating it was corrupt. I then go to do a restart only for a drop down menu to load to pick a command, and I then log off to do this instead of trying there.

And instead of Turn off Computer, it was Turn off Blender!

I was thinking I had a pizza hut dinner tonight, am I seeing crap or what. :spin:

I logged back on and everything appears fine.

this is XP after all
it is missing at least 2 years of SECURITY fixes seeing as it went
– END OF LIFE in 2014 –
( for xp sp3 , sp2 went EOL in 2010 )

Yes true, I’m using 2.76 at the moment.

This is the first time that has occured, of course I did use blender moments before closing it down or during I don’t remember now.

I’m surprised your PC hasn’t been attacked by malware yet (considering that XP holdouts have become popular targets for hackers).

Not only is it missing 2 years of security fixes, but it also allows programs to write to the kernel without permission (unlike later versions of Windows). That means that having it connected to the internet is very dangerous and should be replaced either by Windows 10 or a Linux distro.

Also, official Blender support for XP has ended in the 2.7x series, so you’re stuck with the last working version until you upgrade.

Meaning what exactly? 2.7 what?

As for the system, well I’m a home user. So hmm, a firewall on, no anti virus in use. I avoid dodgy web pages, use the private browsing if I want to avoid downloading a bull****. But I stay away from torrents or any of that nonsence.

I stick to only trusted sites.

The thirteen year old system keeps going, I wouldn’t be suprised if it went on for another year or two.

i take it you did not know about the McAffe AV web site was SPEWING malware in the advertising on the page !!!

and so was "The NewYork TIMES " and Norton AV web sites

you’r only browse “trusted” ??? sites is HOG WASH


I use the system for predominately web browsing, job seeking sites,,,,, blenderartists, and various search engine random searches via Bing, yahoo, Yahoo mail. When I searched for Lost in space in images on bing I’m not going to get malware from that.

They tend to be trusted with the exception of the search engine results. I avoid crap.

Software, just some various 3D games two simulators Orbiter, and Flight Simulator 2004, the blender package as obvious, the game engine at the moment, I might touch on a bit of Python using the last release a couple of years back for XP. I bought a book I haven’t even opened via Amazon UK.

The system very slow on Yahoo home page with the flash videos all loading, hell I even get a few close downs fron the browser, 800mb page file usage out of 1.5GB.

When I watch Voyage to the bottom of the sea via youtube the memory usage goes sky high and the processor.

XP iirc will try to shut down all applications before it shuts itself down, and sometimes it will forget to shut itself down when it is told to.
The only system I use XP on anymore is an o-scope, but it is kept strictly off-line.

XP + no antivirus = grossly negligent. There is no such thing as safe zones in the internet. The very next link you click can lead to a harmlessly looking ad that will infect your PC on the fly with some form of malware or another.

And with a Linux distro targeted for older hardware (based on LXDE or XFCE, e. g.) the system might go on forever - without having to worry about the places you go on the web. And if there is any application you can’t get to run on WINE, you can still dual boot…

old hardware can be retasked

i have ScientificLinux 6.7 running on a 16 year old dell that came with the very very NEW XP
98 was still being sold
now i do have some fun with the 16 year old nvidia card and the 96 driver

and SL 6 still has 4 years of support ( Nov. 2020 it goes end of life)

The antivirus used too much RAM, so I uninstalled it back in October 2014. I think I used Avira.

I would get an antivirus back on your PC ASAP, because even benign sites like Blenderartists can get hit with hidden malware from hackers that then might try to download onto user’s PC’s.

Also, your PC might already have malware running on it (like a keylogger, a trojan, or a rootkit), and you wouldn’t know it because there’s no AV telling you what it found (not all malware is the type that would make a ‘grand entrance’ on your PC).

By using a highly insecure OS with no AV, not only do you risk losing all of your files, but you also risk the possibility of financial ruin due to hackers getting a hold of things like your credit card and bank account numbers.

At the very least use something like trendmicro housecall everyday, Even if you can’t keep the antivirus running all off the time you can at least use it daily to mitigate the damage.

The Browser uses over 200mb in memory, an anti virus used 512mb, the OS uses 128mb of RAM or something.

So it just isn’t practical, I do have a scanner for Malware Anti Bytes, there is nothing to be concerned about. This system is doing fine.

I recall reading back in the late last decade, I was eighteen and still a college student, and I was reading the botnet stories in a net cafe and the problem of attacks, that crap never happened to me. It is usually the business folk and the careless wild home user.