using 3ds Max technique for blender divan modeling

I’m trying to build a divan in Blender,using the same 3ds Max technique as shown in the link below (starting from the 20.27 minute),but i can’t find the equivalent in blender for the tool ‘clone option’ and the use of the reference object.
Any help would be appreciated. Link :

Shift+D = create duplicate
Alt+D = create linked duplicate
Array modifier to create multiple duplicates

Thanks Richard! The all idea was to be able to manipulate the cloned object (under SBS modifier)in Edit mode through the origin object as a reference(that want get the SBS effect) .
It works partially only with the Array modifier and it’s still not what i was hoping for because both objects gets the SBS effect . I’ll give it an other try in my divan modelling exercise and see if it’s the right thing to do.