Using a Driver and Shortcut I want to Toggle, Disabling a Movie/Image Sequance Node from working

Hi There Blender Peeps…

I am in need of some help, I am wanting to make a shortcut in the Item Properties to toggle a node from working,

The Item Properties shortcut I speak of is the area Right Side Bar of the VIEWPORT under ITEM -> Properties, and it is found in PROPERTIES Window -> Object Properties -> Custom Properties. It is here where you add these properties.

So to disable the node from working in my scene, which essentially improves playback performance from not having to playback the movie in the background…

I have found 3 ways to disable the movie from playing. I am wanting to do one of the following by using drivers and make the Item properties by the Custom property to be “0” or “1” which will Toggle the setting…

The 3 Ways I have found to disable the node from playing the movie.

1. Mute a Texture Node (Toggle it via the Item Properties Shortcut) I am unable to find anywhere a way to drive muting a node.?!

2. Toggle the “Auto Refresh Button” on the Texture Node. (When the Texture node is set to movie or Image Sequence) the Auto Refresh Button Appears.

3. Changing the frames count from 600 to 0, This will also stop the movie playback, I know that if I can Drive this setting, I can make the expression var*600 (this would make the 0 = 0, and 1 = 600)

The Auto Refresh Button

Auto Refresh on the Texture Node (Movie Mode)

I have tried a Driver but it appears that the auto-refresh button drives the Item Properties Shortcut! (I want the Item properties Shortcut to Enable / Disable the Auto Refresh) Not the other way around!! Please ignore that offset is purple, this is a driver and working fine. I am wanting to make the auto-refresh button to be the item that is driven by the new. shortcut

The auto refresh button has a data path “node_tree.nodes[“Image Texture”].image_user.use_auto_refresh”

The Item properties have a data path [“prop”]

This is the Item Properties Box

This is the Item Properties Box

This is the item properties section…

Here is the Driver