Using a driver to scroll through the shape keys of an object?


I thought of posting this in the coding thread but I think this is the right thread instead.

I would like to create a driver (or drivers) which would use the location of an Empty to ‘scroll through’ each one of my shape keys of an object (which has lots of shape keys) at 100% per shape key. Does anyone know as to how I can set this up?

I am assuming that each shape key would have its own driver relative to the Empty’s location but I don’t know how to type it up.

I appreciate any help on the subject.


Driver for each shapekey.

I find it easiest to create drivers with right click in field (like an empty’s z transform) and copy as new driver, then right click in another field and paste as driver, after which I generally do any further editing on a driver editor window. And the first thing I tend to edit is to change it to a scripted expression.

The expression you’d use would probably be something like,

(var>1.0) and (var<=2.0)

for one of them, then

(var>2.0) and (var<=3.0)

for the next, and so on.