Using a mesh AS a bone

Not sure if this question should be posted here or elsewhere.

I just finished several great rigging and animation tutorials and love how easy it actually was to get a character, Hank from “The Essential Blender” book, to move and deform just the way I wanted.

I was wondering if I could use an actual mesh to act as a bone instead of the Octahedron or Sticks display and if I can would this mesh be able to be used with IK Solver and the bone envelop?

If this can be done somehow, I will be able to make very detailed and precise deformations in my own special little way.

Thanks much for any help.


You can choose any object as customdrawtype.
When the bone is selected in PoseMode, go to the Editbuttonswindow and write the name of the object in the “OB:” field of the Armature Bones Panel.
If you press the “W” Button on the right the Object will be allways visible as wireframe in the 3DViewport.
The CustomDrawTypes make life easier during animation as handles, but will not render.
If you want the the object to show the same direction as the Bone, it should point in y direction. 1 Blender Unit is allways matching the bonelength.

Good luck, Pat

Hmm. That seems to work very well for part of what I am trying out.

Is there a way I can make the custom draw type influence the deformation of a mesh? Say with the envelops and such?

Just the same way the bones would do, because these are only another Look for the Bones.
To use the Envelopes, you have to use the Envelope Drawtype.
So I think it’s not what yo’re looking for.