Using a mesh as a sculpting 'stamp'?

I’m currently working on producing one of these beauts and am not sure how best to go about achieving the very three-dimensional effect of the scales. I’ve modelled a single scale, and I want to create a ‘brush’ out if it, that I can drag out in different sizes using the radial tool. Is that possible in Blender, or would I be better off using something like Meshmixer? I would be looking to have it all be one mesh. I’ll be looking to experiment with some tesselation then, maybe some low-poly in-game tesselation too.

Create a brush texture then select that texture in the sculpt panels

In the texture Image Mapping panel you can set repeat values

To create the texture from a sculpt you can use the render / bake settings to bake a displacement texture to capture the depth values of the sculpt

Do a search for scale textures

You can also download alphas and textures from

Whoah, for a minute there I thought you sculpted that. Good luck if you are doing it though! Such a killer pic.

I woner what would be the most efficient workflow for that!

Keep us posted!

I would be inclined to use your scale model and either do a more complicated version of this,

or combination of dupliverts and booleans ( create basic snake body tube either mesh or convert curve to mesh, then duplivert scales to faces, convert to real ctrl-shift-A, then boolean to base body or another variation of same, then boolean them together then sculpt, have a look in the dyntopo thread in tests for cool new addons, last page)

It is a wonderful creature, no doubt, though I wonder which are its proper colors.

There is an add-on called “Tissue” which let you repeatedly transfer (and merge) a mesh over each polygon of an other one, according to the relative size, I would take a look:
Tissue - Tessellate Operator (Blender’s Add-on) on Vimeo


Why not add the scales as separate objects & boolean them in after?

Lots of ideas, thanks dudes :slight_smile:

use particle emmitor set to emit scale object maybe.