Using a mold

Hi guys, I was wondering if there was a way to create and use a mold within blender. At this point you probably have no idea what Im talking about, but what Im saying is if you can draw out a shape, and then fill it with repeated versions of an object. So relating to what Im doing, I made a hexagonal landscape, thats currently in a square shape, but I want it to be in the shape a map of the earth, and so I want to draw the outlines of the map and then its filled with my hex landscape mesh. Can that be done?

Boolean modifier.

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This thread might be of interest.

Upcoming Blender (2.69) also has a bisect tool that could help with cuts if needed.

Thanks, this all looks really interesting. I also found another way. You download a (royalty free) image of whatever you want the mold to look like, open it in inkscape, do the bitmap trace and export as swf

Then you import that into blender, alt c it from a curve to a mesh, then you use the ocean of cubes method, with your picture mesh instead of the plane, if your doing something similar to me that is-

Thanks for the help guys, hopefully my way provided another solution for those having problems :slight_smile:

P.S. Oh actually, this doesnt work very well for my model, and least not with the picture Im using, as the subdivisions are not the same as if you subdivided a normal plane. I guess I’ll try some of these other methods.