using a proxy

I have a character that is completely rigged in a file and I want to bring it in to multiple other files so all my changes show up without needing to do each one. Ok, I read through the wiki section on appending and linking ( and the proxy sounds like the ticket. But I’m having a few issues…

I’ve put all the little bits for the character in a group and when I append the group works fine. But when I try linking it nothing shows up in the 3D window or the outliner. So thats problem #1.

So then I go into the objects folder and since only have the characters components in the file I just select all and then it will import. Ok, it wont let me select everything and convert it to a proxy. So I select the mesh, convert it, select the armature and convert it…only now they aren’t linked any more.

I’m using 2.46 if that makes any difference. I’d appreciate any suggestions!


Hi Aiki,

Both ManCandy FAQ and BBB dvd’s have their first video tuts about proxy linking. Guess they are better to learn from…

Files need to be saved before linking is possible. Once a file has been linked, you still need to go - Space bar > add group > to your file, to add the linked group into the scene. Crtl Alt P to make proxy to…your armature probably, or another name if you changed it.

Hope that helps, and try find the vidoe tut’s :yes: