Using a pyNode class within a python program to assign object's material


I am curently working on a tool wich does some batched operations on auto-generated objects.
At this point i need to automatically assign a nodal material class created with pynode to the newly created objects… but i can’t figure out how is this possible.

Did someone have already done this ? If yes, How ?
If not, is this (theorically) possible in the curent Python API version ?

Edit :
In the Material API references i founded :

 addScriptLink(text, event) : Add a new script link to this Material

Maybe it is possible to link the material to a node material with this command … tried but it don’t seems to work

Really … no-one ?

ahah so I guess you still didn’t find out ?
well next step IRC :wink:

Hello Francois !
In fact i i did it another way ! But if someone have the response…

Edit :
Nathan (JesterKing) confirmed me that this is not actually possible on this thread on the blender forums.

I had the confirmation that this is actually not possible in this thread
Seems that i’ll have to do it another way.