Using a single uv mapped texture on multiple items - clarification.

Hello. I have 4 objects in my model that are all identical - upper arms and thighs on my bot. They will all be textured exactly alike. From my searching, it would appear that I have to map all 4 items individually… Which, considering Blender is warping the UV maps (circles are not round, squares are not square, etc) means I will likely need to do 4 separate textures given each map is likely to be slightly different, and manipulating the maps is necessary to get my circles circular and my squares square. All 4 items have identical seams.

So… What I need is for someone to tell me that I am wrong, and that there is a way to apply the same UV map to multiple identical items vs. unwrapping them all individually. Please!

Can you just make one and duplicate it? They should have the same uv maps.

How do I move uv coordinates from one object to another? I am working under the assumption that all objects need UV maps. I can’t imagine how it would work otherwise. If I could do that (copy UV coordinates to other objects) then I wouldn’t need multiple textures.