Using a Wacom Tablet with no Adons (Solved)

Okay it appears to be holding “Alt + shift +ctrl” in any combo will let you use the three functions, very odd but atlest its a start haha.

Heya folks so im working on a new character pipeline using Blender for the first time. Cant seem to figure out how to get a tablet to work with it?

Preferably id like to have the mouse work like the default Blender movement as iv gotten to grips with it now, am i missing something entirely on how to work a table, as of right now putting the stylus down just “Selects” like a normal left click, but holding ALT or shift does not let me Pan or zoom or any movement of any kind.

Hope that makes sense, cheers!

Hi, panning in Blender is shift + mmb, it should work right away provided you’ve got the driver installed

Ow on a keybored and mouse im fine with the navigation, i just cant make it translate over too my Tablet, sota how Zbrush uses “ALT” i thought “Shift” would let me pan with the stylus but seems too not do anything.

Sorry I misread your post a bit. I’m not completely awake yet heheh
Which model is it ? Does it work in other software ?

it was just general movement with a Graphics Tablet, iv found the soluttion its abit odd control wise, i need to holt Alt+Shift+ctrl too zoom, Alt+shift too pan an ALT too orbit.

Hmmm I think you have “emulate 3 button mouse” enabled. Check preferences, input section

Yep i do, as if i dont have that on the tablet wont work at all for some reason, im not sure why.

Wow I don’t know. Can you try reloading factory defaults ? for this, you need to backup your userpref and startup files first. If this solves the problem it means something in your keymap probably messes with the input system. Having to hold alt all the time doesn’t seem very handy which is why I’m trying to find a solution

I ended up resinstalling the program which seemed to sort things out abit, one of the plugins for some reason was in two folders which seemed to be inflicing with alotttt of things. Not sure how it heppened but that fixed it haha cheers for the help!

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