Using absolute units while in Edit Mode?


I am brand new to Blender coming from a C4D background and have a basic question on the modelling workflow.

I have a cylinder which I intend to taper into a truncated cone. I add a cylinder with no cap fills, then while in Object Mode I type in the diameter I want (in millimetres) into the X and Y Dimensions fields in the Item > Transform menu.

I want to scale down the top edge of this cylinder so it is has a smaller top face into a truncated cone as mentioned. Obviously I go into Edit Mode select the top edge loop and hit S to scale. When I do this though I only get relative measurements (seems to be percentage based) and I was wondering if there is a way to be able to type in absolute millimetres into this field so I have a 37mm diameter at the bottom and a 27mm at the top. Perhaps there is an Add-on which could add this functionality?

I know I could do this via adding a cone mesh and playing with the fields in there but the point I am making is I’d like to be able to use millimetres for scaling vertices, edges and faces in Edit Mode if possible as I often try and match real-world objects using exact measurements from a calliper.

Any help, tips or workarounds on this will be much appreciated!


for this type of things i use this addon

Ahh interesting… there is also the included Measure It addon. For example select two vertices , add measure, click show, scale…, delete measure. Seems complicated but the the is meant to even render the measures if you want…

Thank you Mauro! The CAD Mesh Dimensions is exactly what I needed. Okidoki the MeasureIt Add-on is super useful also, especially for when I want to quality check my mesh against a real-world model. Cheers :+1: