Using Actual Product Images As Textures In Architectural Visualization?

I know it’s illegal to do it in video games or anything commercial to sell, but is using actual product images like ceiling tiles and panels not allowed in interior visualization renders? I’ve had professionals in the business tell me that it’s totally fine because you are showing a client an actual proposed finished product. It’s a one on one basis and not something commercial or retail like games. I have done this for many of my concept visualizations for my portfolio I am preparing and I would hate to have to go back and change everything in like 50+ projects! Most everything I use except those few things come from free texture resources and stock websites. Some elements that I was looking for weren’t exactly found on those resources sites however. I use a lot of resources from Pro Ceiling Tiles, Acurio, and Decorative Ceiling Tiles. I can’t make my own textures. I’m surprised I can even do what I do now because I am really basic with everything. I’m tired of being OCD about everything I do and really want to get somewhere with everything. I am doing new pieces everyday and at the same time feeling scared when doing them. I feel like the slightest thing will get me in trouble even after professionals in the industry told me it was fine. I’m not making a video game. I’m making real world applicable stuff. Here is an example of one of the recent projects I completed for my portfolio. The screens are from Acurio Lattice Works. And yes the lighting is not completely photorealistic because I haven’t been able to master that yet. I am still trying if I could just wrap my head around it.