Using Animated Textures For An Animation Cycle In BGE

Alright, so this one’s a bit of a weird question. Now, see, I hate rigging and animating faces in 3D. Plus it’s a serious pain to adapt my particular art style to 3D. To get around that I thought about using animated textures instead. Except I’ve come across a snag: I only know how to do a single animation with the animated textures, and then they don’t reset after I’m done. I need to figure out how to create unique animation cycles that can be reset to a different default animation. Now, I’m not going for anything fancy. This is going to be in a game, so I can’t have massive textures changing size and shape all the time. That’d bring everything to a halt and probably destroy your computers. But I’d like to at least be able to animate the eyes and mouth to reduce the amount of rigging work that character animation would normally require. Not to mention it’d be infinitely easier to do lip syncing. Specifically, I wanted to be able to change between simple expressions like so:

Now, I know somewhat how animated textures work. You select them in the textures tab and change it from “Single Image” to “Image Sequence” with the images aligned in cells, yadda yadda. The way I was thinking to do it was have the face on a separate texture layer to prevent me from having a new body texture load for every frame, and just have the face change instead. Would this work, and how would I go about doing this to make it cyclical and work in Blender Game Engine?