Using animation keyframes as random particle look?

I got a question about my case and it’s kind of weird, but maybe there is a solution for something I would like to achieve:

  • I have character animated, lets say 200 keyframes
  • It’s used as a particle (hair, advanced) to have crowd in a scene
  • would like to “randomly” choose keyframes so the crowd would look different, not just 1 first keyframe

Any ideas how to achieve that?

Please … show us.” Attach a blend-file, a video, or both.

Also: what you’ve given us so far is what’s called “an XY Problem.” You’re describing the problem only in terms of what you’ve done so far (“X”) … instead of telling the community what outcome you want to achieve. (“Y”)

Perhaps the community would now suggest an approach that you’ve never yet thought of.

Ok so this is the crowd, it’s a particle system (hair). Skeletons got animation, would like to have them randomly selected keyframe for a render. Rendering is not a animation, just a still image.