Using Animation Modes' "3D Viewer" to view meshes

I am trying to model/animate certain math functions. I have experience with Blender but am a newbie at animation nodes.

I tried to answer this with the AN documentation and have searched for similar post - my apologies if this has already been answered somewhere or this isn’t the right place for this question.

Simple question: I am trying to using AN’s 3d viewer to simply show a line mesh - which apparently used to work (according to documentation and tutorials) but now the output of LineMesh is “MESH” and the input to 3DViewer is “DATA”

It seems these formats (MESH and DATA) are not compatible - and have changed - since recent tutorials were made and vs. the documentation.

I can clearly illustrate this in two images. The 1st is a screenshot from the excellent AN tutorial by Zach Hixon. Notice the line mesh output is “Vertices” and once you plug it in to the viewer, you see output.

The 2nd image is a screen shot from today using the newest Blender and AN. The output of line mesh is now “mesh” and it wont view. I tried various conversions but am still learning AN.

Any suggestion how to simply view data in the “mesh” format is what I’m looking for.


SOLVED. Still not sure why the formats changed (surely a good reason) and wishing the AN docs would match the current builds - but - i figured this out and make a lot more progress - and AN is really useful. I added the ‘mesh info’ block and then could view - see attached image.