Using armatures in the game engine

I have a problem with animating armatures in realtime. I followed this tutorial:
but in realtime nothing happens.
Has somebody an idea?

what version are you using?

your animation is between the specified start and end frames?

you have it properly connected to an always sensor and and controller?

i tried it with version 2.37a and 2.40a, with no success.
yes, i connected it properly to an always sensor and a and controller. the animaion is between the specified start and end frames.
any other ideas?

armatures are probably broken in builds 2.37 and later, because the underlying blender implementation has changed.
I’ll try to have this fixed in the future, but until then, try an older build, or this one 2.37b:


It’s great to “see” you around Erwin

can you please tell us some more about the new animation system
It will be compatible with the game engine?
And what features will be available on the game engine?
Thank you in advance