Using Arroway Textures correctly in Blender

Hi people !

I would like to use several high resolution Arroway texture maps in my project but am not sure how to do it the right way.

I have tried doing my best with what I know but it doesn’t seem to work. So what I have done is started texturing and lighting my project after importing my model from Rhino through 3ds. format. I have applied several of the high res textures from arroway and after a while I quit Blender and then tried to reopen the blend file to work so more but Blender wouldn’t let me open it anymore giving an error about something nVidia. I am fairly sure textures had something to do with it because when I had none set up it all went well.

So what to do ? I understand that all Arroway textures are tilable. Should I scale down ? I also have crazy bump installed would I be able to produce quality spec/normal/bump/displacement/ao/ from the base color one or I should use the maps that are offered in the pack? Are there any settings in Blender that help with bigger textures or is Blender just limited like that ?

Would it be possible for you to post what exactly that “error about something nVidia” says?