Using background images to model

Morning Chaps :D.

Im trying to learn to model using images of what im modeling from different angles (straight at the model, side view and top view of the model).

I know how to add background images in Blender and I can open seperate windows to place the images etc.

However, say im modeling a face, in the front view in one window, if I click on the eye on the background image, it isnt the eye on the sideview, its more on the forehead which doesn’t help :no:.

Im saving these photos in and importing them into Blender as background images.

Can anybody help and tell me how to make sure in one window, if I click on the eye of the background image, it is still the eye in another?

One way to do it is to simply line them up/scale them etc. in a photo editor like gimpshop. When you load them up in Blender everything will line up and you won’t have to adjust the position.

Cheers mate.

Iv’e been thinking further about this (not at a PC with Blender so cannot check), would it be easier to simply load both images, size them the same and then click on the eye on one side, then move the image on the other window so that the cursor is on the eye in that window too?

If you use GIMP, you can just load all the pictures into the same image and use the rulers (click and drag to make a marker) to scale/rotate/align everything.