Using bevel factor start and end on a curve from an imported SVG?


I am trying to make an object build up slowly. For text I have created the letters from bezier curves and keyframed bevel factor start and end to make them appear. I tried the same with a logo which I traced in Inkscape and imported as SVG but it doesn’t work. Blender imports the logo as a curve and the curve looks ok to me (it’s just a silhoutte, nothing overly complicated) but bevel factor start and end don’t do anything. Now I’m wondering what I might have missed…


Hi sgoff,

maybe you could upload your svg to see what`s not woriking in blender. To me there are no problems with svg and blender.

Unfortunately, I can’t upload it for license reasons. However, I worked around it now by drawing a native bezier curve in Blender by hand, using the SVG as a template.