Using BGE and Materials

Hey guys,

I tried to use Blender Game Engine along with Materials of a cube I made. I checked out a glass Material stuff on Youtube, and followed it. Now all that seems to change along with the cube is just the color, when I change it. Can I apply Materials to objects when working with BGE?

Actually, I am making a game now for a school project, and thought of making something that sticks out and looks good, instead of just changing the colors of objects etc.

That’s what I am talking about. As you see I use glass-kind-of material in the material preview with a tone of red. But look at the cube in “Play Game”-mode. It’s like… Red, only. I want the full material to be on it. Possible?


You can’t use raytraced transparency the game engine. Instead, set the alpha to something like .35, and enable zTransp. (Underneath where you set the material name.)

Oh, wait, it works! Thanks!