Using BHV on Armature: 101 Level Questions

First of all, this question involves MakeHuman, so hopefully it is still within the scope of this forum.

I have seen a lot of bvh motion files floating around the internet that simulate certain human movements that I have downloaded and would like to use for the MakeHuman armature. The problem is they appear to be generated for a slightly different armature configuration as is used in MakeHuman. Can it still be made to work?

Also, more basic, it is my understanding that the group names used in the bvh need to be the same as the bone names in the armature. If this is done properly, what else needs to be done after the bvh is brought into the file in order for the armature to animate correctly? In other words, at this point should we simply be able to do an ALT-A and see our character moving?

Thanks in advance.

File >> Import >> MoCap.BVH will import a lot of Empties with their IPO data. You can build an Armature from them with "BVH Empties to Armature in the Animation menu in the Scripts window.

Those empties and that armature are taken from the BVH file and so have nothing to do with MakeHuman, but you could still put a MH mesh on the armature.

As I said, the IPO data (animation) is all linked to the Empties; the bones of the armature are children of the empties and don’t carry any anim data. you can use this script:

to link the IPO data to the bones and get rid of the empties (in 2.40) ot this one for 2.37:


I follow you but I didn’t get far. I get script errors when trying to run both suggested scripts. I’m running version 2.37a.

Hehe… I follow you too but can’t help without seeing the error messages.


I kind of remember that awhile back, I imported a BVH file and played the animation and it looked cool. but today, I tried and the empties are all bunched together flat on the grid. I pulled them all off of eachother, but the animation looked horrible and made no sence. I tried the BVH2ARM script but Blender just crashed. I’m thinking that sooner or latter someone will mess with the py script enough and come along with a great solution to MOCAP data in Blender.
I guess there is no better time to improve my animation skills than now, seeing that I can’t “Lean” on BVH files(A tad bit of lazieness on my part…Ok, a bit more than a tad). I am sure this works, I better get crackin on it and try an figure it out.