Using Big Buck Bunny characters for a book. Question.

Hi, i’m working on a children’s short history (in spanish), and i want to illustrate it with the Big Buck Bunny movie characters. It will be free, so i’ll post it here in a few days.

Because the book is written in spanish, i would like to name my character with names commonly used in my country. Is this allowed by the license?

Of course, i’ll give the proper attribution and credits as specified here:

Thanks for your replies, and stay tuned for the book.

I guess if you give all the credits, that should be fine. But if you want to be really sure, you might want to directly ask Ton Rosendaal.

you can find the mail and maybe other stuff here:

The cc licence allows you to use the models in original or modified form as long as you give credit.

Using a different name for the character is a minor change and no-one would stop you using it that way.