Using Blender 2.23 with Python 2.2.1

(amy_aimei) #1

I would like to know how can I use Blender 2.23 with Python 2.2.1. I know that Blender 2.23 comes with Python 2.0, but I really want to use the latest version of Python. Please help. Thank you.


(jms) #2

I currently use this version with Blender 2.23 (and publisher 2.25) under Win32. You have nothing to do. Just install the new version of python on your disk. Set the PYTHONPATH. Library of Python 2.2.1 are compatible with the dll joined to blender, but not with some old scripts written for 2.01.


(blendedHKU) #3

I’m not sure about this.

I use the socket module in realtime engine,
and i get an error if i use the socket module from 2.1,
saying that the version of the module is different.
so using python 2.0 is for me the only option.

Modules that are coded 100% in python should have no problems at all,
but modules written in C, such as (parts of) the socket module will not

At least that’s my experience, I didn’t try setting that path thingie in Blender though.


(saluk) #4

Oh man, took me FOREVER to get those darn socket thingies to work in blender. I have ugly imports throughout my class, and I can’t call the functions of my class directly, so I had to make an extra thread, it’s just gross. Would it work better if I reconfigured my paths to python 2.0 instead, and import the socket from there?