Using Blender 2.5

Um, I don’t know if I’ve just done something stupid, but my spacebar isn’t working in blender 2.5. As in, it doesn’t come up with the toolbox. I was just wondering if there was a list of keyboard shortcuts that could help me learn the new hotkeys for blender, as I can’t seem to do anything anymore.

haha yeah… spacebar isn’t for that any more :frowning:

use shift+A

yeah, i was confused too, until someone here told me how to access it, lol. it will take a bit of time to get used to…

the search bar is cool though :smiley:

The searchbar has a history, and there is also an F3 repeatable history too… this is something similar to what I recognise from Maya. I hope the history doesn’t slow down Blender though… it’s what Maya uses instead of the Modifier stack and it can make the system crawl. Looks like Blender’s is just a buffer of recently used commands though, so not quite the same deal.

i’m looking for Creasing in 2.5… could anyone help? it was Shift-E in 2.4x…


Does this version compile the sculpting, raytracing, and the other branches of 2.5? cause, I want that 2 million polys of silky sculpting on my netbook, and a lighting fast render. :stuck_out_tongue:

not there as far as i know, the flags are though, so you could do it by hand through rna

through rna? what’s that?

2 ways either via the databrowser in the outliner or via python

Oh dear. I’ve just run it and it runs incredibly slowly. Unusably slow. Is anybody else finding this? Is there anything I can do?

just looked at it, and it seems complicated…

and i can forget about doing it in Python, i don’t know anything about it… lol

How is it running?

2.5? pretty well, very smooth :smiley: my project wasn’t going to work out, so i switched projects - going to try and simulate the effect a mass has on Space-time :smiley: in 2.49b though

anyone have any ideas as to how i could make that work using simple stuff? if it’s something that can only be achieved with 2.5, i don’t mind switching :wink:

Damn it runs like a snail on valium on my machine. Do you need a graphics card now?

i had sorta the same problem–
in user preferences, go to the system tab, and change to “overlap” for the redrawing
see if that does the trick :wink:

though a proper graphics card never hurts, i’m sure

edit: sorry, forget what i said :smiley: got confused :smiley:

you are the man!!!

Edit: Sure a graphics card would be cool, but I need to use a netbook for general use (I’m a law student). One of the things I love about blender is that it can run on such a tame machine!

Have they dropped the turntable viewport mode?

i think i saw it in the User Preferences… yeah, in the Input panel

a netbook…
don’t expect too much from that :wink:

and the thanks goes to egan, who pointed it out to me :slight_smile: