Using Blender as a level creator in BitRacer

Bit of a plug, but hey. I just finished my Mac game for the competition. It is a fastpaced 3D racing game. All the games will be open source at the end. I will also write a post-mortem, in which Blender will feature heavily, because it is the sole reason that I was able to create my levels and finish in time.

The interesting bit is that I wrote a python script to output the levels from Blender into a YAML format that I read in. I use information in the names of objects and the parenting structure of Blender to generate my levels. Because of ODE (the physics library I use) weirdness I can only cope with cubes and other data, thus a simple mesh isn’t useful.

Blender’s python support is ideal for this sort of thing. Although my ideas are slightly kludgy, you can create a level and position waypoints and checkpoints very easily. I use parented tree structures of cylinders for the waypoints that the AI use, and I use named objects for objects in the game. See the pdf for more details.

What do you think? I was also wondering if anyone else has used Blender for this sort of purpose and how they did that.

The link to the game is here where you can see screenshots and download it. Unfortunately it is Mac only, but the track creation guide, as a pdf, and the blend file, of my tracks, is included so that anyone can read it.

If anyone is interested, I’ll try and upload the track guide separately tomorrow so you can tell me what you think.


Congratulations :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make people of game engines comunities where I am usually around, see that Blender s level editor is quite good. And that python script access so directly surely is good for this purpose.

…and allways get the same answer.They find it hard to learn. No matter how many times I insist I learnt without almost the manual, and I allways put them the online docs link, and strongly recommend it. I yet have not convinced any… But I’ll keep trying :slight_smile: