using blender creations with open gl & other questions

Hey folks,

I wanted to improve my modelling & animation abilities so I decided to join an open source game project, and this one:

… looked good to me so I joined it. Unfortunately they’ve been using Half Life models for their work so far and we haven’t been able to figure out a good way for me to be able to create our models with the Blender. They suggested I learn Milkshape 3D instead, which I’ve been trying to do for the past couple of days, but theres one major problem: imnsho, Milkshape 3D sucks. Maybe I’m just too used to the Blender, who knows. Anyways, so then I tried another technique somebody else suggested. I created my models, the armatures, textures, & animations in the Blender, then exported it as a .dxf. I opened the .dxf in another program called Crossroads, then resaved it & opened it in Milkshape. It didn’t work very well at all. Does anybody have any suggestions on how we can easily get stuff I create in the Blender to a Half-Life format, or if there’s some other way to get the models into our Open-GL game? I’m really lost when it comes to all this stuff, is there anyone that possibly could offer some suggestions? Thank you very much for your help.


well, first:
the dxf and vrml imports and exports seem to have become broken since publisher 2.25, try there (armatures aren’t exported in either btw)

there is probably an obj exporter in python somewhere on this forum you may also want to try (I know there is an importer)

(I’ve never personally used milkshape though, don’t know much about what formats it supports)


like z3r0 d says, the OBJ export script works very well with Milkshape.
No problems with UV textures ( well, when you open the model in Milk, you’ll need
to reload the texture, that’s all), but unfortunatelly no animations are exported.
And you’ve said it: Milkshape sucks, specially when you’re used to Blender
Well good luck!