Using Blender for 2d

Hey Guys I’m new to Blender and this forum. I’m a Classical animation student. I work mainly in 2d. I’m impressed with Blenders capabilities.
I’m wondering If I can use blender to load up a image on a plane but keep certain areas transparent so i can make overlaping planes … like layers in photoshop or gimp.?? I know Blender can do that im just a newbee… I’m not sure if i should be setting a color for what i want translusent …?

THanx :smiley:

I’ve done it. Works pretty nicely. Here’s an animation I did using just that technique. It was a bit rushed, but the effect worked rather well.

It’s possible, also be sure to set the camera in ortho mode to get real 2D

I think I figured out how to load 2 planes and make the top one an aplha channel and keep my drawing visable and the bg translusent :slight_smile: hehe i’m excited. thank you for the replies. I was also wondering If I load in a avi colud i do the same?

say its an avi of a character on a bg it would export the bg either black or white… so could i some how make that color into an alpha in blender?

could i keyframe the avi? SOme place i read something about importing sequesces is that a better method?

SOrry for all the newbie questions :stuck_out_tongue: THanks

You can load avi’s as textures to a plane, and you can rig the plane for animation. So all of that is possible. As for making things transparent with that, I haven’t tried, but you could look into using the “Calc Alpha” button rather than the “Use Alpha” button in your TextureButtons when you load the avi.

Importing sequences makes the alpha problem a non-issue, 'cause you can load a sequence of png’s that have alpha already there. I’m not sure if you can load a sequence of images as an animated texture though. You could load a single image on the texture and at each frame (or second frame, if you’re animating in 2’s) change the image and keyframe that. In fact, if that’s not already implemented, it probably wouldn’t be overly difficult to write a python script that automates that process for you.

You would also benefit by taking a look at the sequence editor. Your can then overlay with chroma key and masks etc as well as splice scenes together and add sounds (creates a separate sound file that you add in a different program). The tutorial on the sequence editor in the documentation is quite easy to follow.


THanks Fweeb and Greybeard your info has got me experimenting your techniques . The sequesce editor looks intresting indeed… HAHA I cant Wait TO FIgure this stuff out. At School I’m using Aftereffects but I think alot of stuff that i do in that program Blender can do. This is awesome since i have no money :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering i know theres a tutorial i haventread anything on tracks and stuff… but i was wondering is there a short cut key or option to temporaraly disable movement on an axis?

Is it better to try and set a track,path or spline? thingy

Once again thanks to evryone helping me out :slight_smile:

Well, you can lock movement to a single axis. Say you want to move an object in only the X-axis. Simply press X once you’ve begun your Grab (GKEY). That locks you to the global X-axis. Pressing X a second time locks you to the object’s local X-axis. The same can be done with the Z and Y keys.

As far as comparing Blender and After Effects, they both (as you may have noticed) have their strengths and weaknesses. One clear advantage (aside from price) that you have with Blender are character animation tools. After Effects is great for moving object animations, masks, and effects, but it’s a pain for trying to animate characters. In Blender, you at least have a functional armature system.

Best of luck! I look forward to seeing what you crank out with this tool.

FWeeb :smiley: Thank you once again for explaining this to me, I just tried the axis thing and it works perfect. I had read the manual and read about the mmb axis locker . WHat you told me works much better. Well I’m not sure as to how i will be using blender as of yet but I see great potential. I’m currently working on a 2d handrawn film. I’ve been thinking of possibly adding 3d backgrounds or particle fx. My school has after Effects but you need a plugin for it to do particle stuff. I will post some of my work if i get anything going :stuck_out_tongue: