Using Blender for 3D prototype design? Push lock cap... Is it possible?

Morning All,

Up until now I’ve only used Blender for organic modelling and have no experience with making physical objects that join together once 3D printed.

I’ve been asked to prototype an organic bottle shape that has a simple push lock cap. My idea is to used a simple raised ridge that will slot into an inset hole…

My question is can Blender be used for this part of the design or is the correct way to model the lock part in something like solid works and import it in as an stl?

Or do I just model it in the mesh as best I can in Blender using measurements?

Not sure of the right work flow here as this will be printed and it needs to work…

Any help would be much appreciated? Or videos that you guys know of where blender is used for similar product design?

Cheers! :slight_smile: