Using Blender for a commercial projekt

I don´t know if i´m in the right part of the forum but anyway here´s my question:D. I´m using blender for some time now for my private designs during my time at the university. Now i want to know, if i could use blender for commercial projects. I want to make 3-D animations for architectural projects. It´s not only about saving money for not buing a commercial software like Cinema or Max. I like blender and i will give it a try. I´ve searched this forum for an answer for my question, but i didn´t find anything. I´ve also read the stuff on the GNU license page, but they´re writing only things about selling software under GPL or GNU license. So maybe you can help me. :slight_smile:

Yes, ofcourse. The Output of a GPL’d application does not automatically fall under the GPL aswell. Even if it did, GPL does not prevent you from using it comercially, as long as you adhere to the License Terms.

As far as I understand it, that whole GPL business only matters to projects that are first of all publicly available (i.e. not “in-house”) and either:

  • That link to, or use parts of the blender source directly.
  • That are standalone applications created with the BlenderGameEngine.
  • That are plugins.

So once again:Images, movies, models, textures, etc… output from blender do NOT fall under the GPL. :slight_smile: