Using Blender for 'traditional' drawing

When I say ‘traditional’ I actually mean using a tablet PC to do the drawing. But it is ‘traditional’ drawing in the sense that it’s not a rendered 3D CGI - well some of it anyway…

Confused yet?

Anyway, I’ve recently started this webcomic. The first couple dozen pages were “hand drawn” with a tablet PC (I’ve posted only 8 so far). After doing that, I became interested in doing the backgrounds with Blender as I find background drawing a real chore.

Then I started using “mannequins” of the characters to act as proportion/perspective guides and also to cast shadows and give me some guidance on lighting.

Now, I’m toying with (finally) actually doing the whole thing using Blender, characters and all.

So, I’ve set up a poll to ask what you think. You don’t have to register or anything - just render your opinion. It’s at:

I put up five samples, using different methods and I ask which you would think would be the best approach, considering the time involved. Thus far I have one vote out of nearly 46 views of the poll.

Anyway, have a look, take the poll and thanks for your time. And feel free to leave a comment either here or at my site.


First of all - thanks to everyone that participated in the poll (both of you).

The link above is now dead as I removed the forums because I was getting more spam than email.

As it turned out, there were a little more than a dozen votes and, of the five options, it ended, pretty much, in a 3-way tie.