Using Blender for Vegas CGI?

Hi, I’m relatively new to Blender. I just wanted to know, is it possible to animate in blender and export it to use as CGI in a sony Vegas video? I tried this once, by using the video as a background and animating over the video. When the video background didn’t export with the video, I made a solid black plane in the background and attempted to Chroma Key it in. For some reason this just crashed vegas. So, does anyone have any workarounds/methods to do this? Or should I just use 3DS max for it?

Edit- Dang, this got moved to tech support fast!

Are you familiar with the concept of alpha channels. Certain image formats (and a few video formats, though I don’t know which ones) support this. It’s a seperate channel (besides Red, Green and Blue channels) that contains transparancy information. Try to output your animimation in .png files. I have zero expierience in Sony Vegas, so I cannot provide the details on importing image sequences. You don’t have to render the animation with the video background, you should overlay the rendering over the video in Vegas.

Hopes this helps you out.

render your animation as PNGs with RGBA( contains transparency channel ) enabled

^^^+1. Then separately import both your background video and image sequence* into video tracks in Vegas. Make sure your image sequence with transparency is above the background video in the timeline, eg images in Video Overlay and bg in Video track. By default, Sony combines the tracks using the alpha channel, so wherever your image is “transparent”, the background will show through.

You could render the bg plate and models together in Blender and import everything into Vegas at once, but then you lose control over the separate elements for color grading etc.

*To import sequentially numbered images into Vegas as a clip, pick the first image and check the “import image sequence” box.