Using blender for video editing?


I‘m new to Blender and video editing and I would like to create my own amv (anime music video).
Since blender isn‘t specifically made for video editing, I‘d like to know if it‘s still good enough for it? Also, can you use it to add special sound effects, or is it only meant for simple video cutting?

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Trust me.
Blender [ according to me ] is THE best and easiest editing software out there.
If you have the Video and audio, its will be really EASY to make a AMV.
Just follow some easy tutorials.

I think that all the other stuff is harder than video editing.
Want some tutorials that i watched?

Video Editing Tutorials


I will really recommend this

Message me here if any more questions! :grin:

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Personally, I find Blender very slow when trying to video edit with audio compared to a dedicated video editor. Trying to line up and split clips was an exercise in frustration.

There’s a plan to improve VSE.

Davinci resolve is a good free alternative if you need a competent video editor.