Using Blender for woodworking design

As a hobby i do a bit of woodworking. I usually make all my plans after looking at either a photo or an actual piece of furniture and scratching my head for a while and scribbling on some paper. I was thinking of using a 3d modelling program to come up with better designs, would you think blender would be a good fit for this? I guess the things i’d need would go along these lines:

‘Snap to grid’ to the nearest millimeter for everything
‘Layers’ so i could separate the different construction stages (eg the back, then the sides, then carcass, trimmings, drawers)
Some way of checking that none of the pieces foul on each other

Any suggestions? Anyone done this before?

Here’s the latest work in progress:

Is it done in blender? Wow !!! What about some coins or golden slabs

No - that’s a real photo! :cool:
I guess i’m confusing things by posting real pics in a 3d forum … hehe…
But anyway back to the topic, you guys reckon blender is a good idea for what i want to do?

well if you want to do almost real CAD DWg there are some restrictions in blender

bkender is not a CAD system - like it’s difficult to do a specific radius of curvature

but it can be done!

now here is a site that will show you a lot a little tricks to use with mecahnical design

looks at the different examples

good luck with your design