Using Blender fur

Hi all. This is about 5 hours work from simple blob to Schnauzer.

I sculpted him in ZBrush and the rest is Blender. I have been very happy (but not surprised) how easy the fur is to work with in Blender. All the new tools are great!

Anyway, there is more to do. The eyes have been fiddled with in Photoshop and it all needs to be pushed further but I was so happy with the fur I thought I’d post a WIP.

Go Blender :slight_smile:


Is always great to see your work, it looks really good!
Is it part of a bigger scene or just some experiment to test the fur?

Really great, love it!

Nose too reflective and needs some bump.

Ha! I think I want to see the scene he is in after you get done, looks funny already :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks great! A turntable would be nice to see :slight_smile:

Terribly cute! It’d be cool to see this critter dancing
to something silly :smiley:

Great stuff. The hair clumping around his “Scruff” under his chin feels very natural for a dog. Nice quick result!

Hey Glenn

great work on this.
I sent you a PM, I’m Andrea Giro and we have been working together
keep up the great work man

I guess this is going to be another masterpiece as always :slight_smile:
The character looks great, the fur work is realy nice but I don’t superlike the feet

Hi Andrea! I saw your PM but have been insanely busy with work and Christmas. Great to see you here :slight_smile:


Here’s an update! :slight_smile:

Another update. More detail in the clumping overall, especially around the face. Glenn

Hahahaha beauty! Love the t-shirt too