Using Blender in dual monitors....

Just wondering, can you run Blender in dual monitors?

Yeah, you simply need to expand the window and adjust the layout using the splits.

As suggested by uhm…euh…[whoever it was, your name here] it all depends on what card and drivers you’ve got.
I’m running a ATI 9200 dual screen setup and I can’t stretch it to the size of two monitors.
Some people can though.

I’m not sure if this is related to ATI cards, but I ran blender dual screen on an Nvidia mx440, its kinda slow and I had issues with refresh because the 2nd monitor was an old compaq 15inch. Dual screen has also worked for me on a Toshiba Satellite laptop (S255 I think) with an Nvidia 440go or something. I have a preference for Nvidia cards especially becuase of the support (or something like that) on Linux, it seems a bit easier to run than an ATI.

Edit: Sorry I jumped the gun. vliegtuig, are you running on win or lin, if you’re running on win, and the window is not maximized, can you stretch it at that point? If not, is the window dragable to the other viewport?

Running a Ati 9600se dual monitor(latest omega drivers)(19"&21"), works fine, bit slower than 1 monitor,
and ati has a opengl limit of 2400x1200? I think, but that only effects the “clipping with deep buffer” option…,

I’m running winXP.
When not maximized I can stretch to about 300 pixels on the other monitor, the rest is pure black.


Yep, I run Blender on two 21" IIyama CRT’s using a crappy FX5200 nvidia card, on Linux using Nvidia proprietary drivers. Make sure you’ve got at least 128mb vid mem.

Just edit your X config file for the width of display you want. Mine’s something like 2560x1024.

dito. same stuff over here…
though i don’t class fx 5200 as crappy yet… Run most of the new game still :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is a screenshot of blender running:

I’m under KDE here. To ease the use, just go in advanced property of the windows by doing alt-space --> advanced --> special property --> geometry and activate the 2 first option as forced: position to 0,0 and height the size of you dualscreen (for me: 2560x1024). Blender should open full screen each time.

I just built a new box with a 7800 gt, 256 mb ram, does anyone have one of these? If so, running in linux? I had major issues trying to get my previous card to run dual screen in linux, I was using mandrake 10 I think. I was only able to get the same display on both monitors, never extended desktop.

One other question, which distro is easier to work with in terms of blender, not to start a flamewar, but I’m thinking of either sticking with mandriva, or moving to ubuntu, any thoughts?


I’m probably going to try and hang on to my Nvidia Geforce 4 4200 128MB Madusa. I plan to use a cheapo PCI card for the secondary monitor, but I’m wondering how well it will run something like Blender or Maya in dual monitors?

Running dual head Blender with two different video cards might get a little tricky. I suppose it all depends on how the drivers interact with their respective OpenGL interfaces… and how they may interact with each other.

For simplicity’s sake, you might better off with a single card that has dual outputs. It’ll save you a lot of headache.

I’ve heard the drivers for Nvidia cards aren’t as difficult to do dual head actually. :slight_smile: Maybe a GeForce 4200 and a Geforce 2 would work together better? Should be similar drivers…

I have dual setup with ATI 9800 and when I expand to the second monitor I get the full app still but it starts running REALLY SLOW…
I think it has to do with the OpenGL implimentation on the ATI cards, if I could afford it I would upgrade to NVIDIA since their drivers have always been very solid in both DirectX and OpenGL.